Mar 24

3/28 Sat. Firehouse Saloon: Callahan Divide w/Special Guests: Jamie Talbert & The Band of Demons

callahn divide poster

Mar 24

Friday 3/27 Cody Canada & The Departed at Firehouse Saloon

departed 3 27 poster copy

Mar 24

March 26 Drink of Ages Radio Show

drink of ages 400 x 400 copy

Drink of Ages Radio Show features craft beer and live music every Thursday at 7 pm with no cover charge.

This Thursday they feature Punk Rock Project Houston and will be discussing Houston Beer Week events.

If your band would like to be featured on Drink of Ages Radio show which is recorded and played back on ESPN and Badlands Radio go to Drink of Ages Radio Show website and contact Jon Denman.

Mar 22

3/22 Your listening to Drink of Ages Radio Show featuring: The Right To Refuse Band & 11 Below Brewing

drink of ages right to refuse and 11 below brewing

Mar 17

March 20 Firehouse Saloon Presents: Jarrod Birmingham w/Special Guests: Costello & Rex Griffith


jarrod birmingham

Jarrod Birmingham’s CD, “No Apologies,” spawned a 1 single and earned the country music outlaw a top ten spot in the Best Of Texas Top 30 songs of the year.

He has been compared to Waylon Jennings and Hank Williams, Jr. and producer Eric Paul described the country traditionalist as “the first real singer of the 21st century.” Humbled by the accolades, Birmingham attributes his pure and gritty musical style to his true grit life style.

“I believe that country music should reflect the common people,” says Birmingham. “That’s pretty much my mission statement, to stay grounded in the knowledge that I‘m a blue collar individual, a country boy. There are a lot of people out there like me, and I’d like to be their voice.”

This South Texas native is no manufactured “hat act.” Birmingham is a REAL cowboy. A former professional bullrider who has enough pins, plates and screws in his body to make it difficult to pass an airport scanner, Birmingham’s music is steeped in stark realism.

“I never really quit riding bulls,” he laughs. “The music just sort of took over. But, what you see is what you get when you deal with me, and that is how I want to come across through my music.”

Jarrod Birmingham’s Website

Costello Line Up At The Bar

Costello’s Website

rex griffith

Mar 17

March 21 Jeremy Steding at Firehouse Saloon

Jeremy Steding 3 21 poster copy

Jeremy’s got a great new single out called, “My Own American Dream”. You can dance to Jeremy’s songs, so come out and dance the night away.


Jeremy Steding’s Website

Firehouse Saloon Website

Mar 17


Somewhere Down The Road, the brand new album from The Boxmasters, is set for release on April 7! Featuring 22 brand new songs in a 2-disc set, Somewhere Down The Road is an accumulation of all of the life stories, all of the musical influences, and all of The Boxmasters’ history together – delivered in their signature Modbilly sound.

To celebrate the release of Somewhere Down The Road, The Boxmasters are launching a brand new website and online store featuring tons of new material (audio and otherwise), free song downloads, free in-depth video content and music videos, exclusive merchandise, and tons more…

…and they want YOU to be a part of it!BoxmastersFinalsSolosWithLogo


The Boxmaster’s Website


Mar 17

March 19 Drink of Ages Radio Show at Firehouse Saloon

drink of ages weekly facebook

This show features craft beer and live music. Location: Firehouse Saloon, 5930 Southwest Freeway, Houston, TX 77057

Recorded then played back on ESPN and Badlands Radio.

This week Saint Arnold’s Brewing Co. takes over the show and features Right To Refuse Band.

Drink of Ages Website

Mar 10

Hank Interviews Creed Fisher Tuesday Afternoon

creed fisher

Hank Moon will interview Creed Fisher about his new single, A Drink and A Kevin Fowler Song this afternoon.

Mar 08

March 12 Drink of Ages Radio Show at Firehouse Saloon

drink of ages in action

Drink of Ages Radio Show is a weekly program at Firehouse Saloon. They feature craft beer and live music usually at no charge. This Thursday’s featured craft beer will be: Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company with music provided by The Powell Brothers.

No Charge

Start 7 pm

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