George Ducas at South Texas Icehouse Tonight

george ducas

Ducas’ talents to illuminate storylines with defining imagery that brings lyrics to life.
Featuring co-writes alongside Keifer Thompson (Thompson Square), Jim Beavers (“Red Solo Cup”/Toby Keith,
“5150”/Dierks Bentley), Radney Foster, Jon Henderson, Jason Matthews, Blake Wise, Richard Brodock and Jaida
Dreyer, the album is stocked with radio worthy tracks and lined with carefully painted musical canvasses
including “CowTown” “Ain’t That Crazy,” “Love Struck,” “Amnesia,” “Gimme Back My Honky Tonk” and “I
Need To Love You.”
The CD covers an array of topics. “CowTown” is three minutes of good times; “Amnesia” is
a longing with regret (with which I’m very familiar); “Aint That Crazy” is a journalistic
review of how things change over time, what was once ‘cool’ is no longer hip, unexpected
twists and turns in love affairs and ‘changes’ (technological or otherwise) that historically
become modern day. The album is relationship driven; what can be bigger than that?
A tunesmith who constructs lyrics that attract the ears of the deeply emotional, the light-hearted and the little bit of crazy, George Ducas is a captivating country music poet and entertainer who satisfies
the palate of even the most eclectic and thoughtful of listeners.

South Texas Ice House is located at 6601 Everhart in Corpus Christi

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